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Trevor Seymour: Owner HD1 Fitness Clinic

My take on it is that, the anxiety lies in the actual return to the gym. Previously we have always felt safe in an environment that we can train and feel comfortable. We now have gyms that are obviously in Huddersfield and the UK following Covid 19 safety procedures. However, that freedom we had in places has been taken away with masks. Sanitising and the fear of being in contact with someone who might not be as stringent on the procedures as others.

Here at HD1 Fitness Clinic based in Huddersfield, we have the space. We have sanitisers all around the clinic. We have cleaning procedures high on our priority agenda. However we will not follow our gym members around telling them what they already know. We are adults and we expect them to act like it and they do at all times.

The gym equipment is wiped down, thank you for that. Sanitisers are used, thank you for that and all weights are put in their right place clean, thank you for that. We are a family and we will look after each other, especially after our return from such a long lay off. .

Customer 1 – Ladies only Gym :

Even though we have returned to the gym at least once in the last year. There’s something about the April 2021 reopening that felt bigger. More final, more, dare I say it, anxiety -inducing. Across the board, men I speak to – from fitness professionals to people who only started working out in lockdown. Find the idea of going back both something they desperately need and yet cannot quite fathom. 

Customer 2 – JD Gym, Huddersfield:

We are now returning to the gym after a year without any consistent access to equipment. Communities we trained with or the trainers who pulled us through life before. The very idea of having my squat form reassessed. Or trying to do a hang clean in public, fills me with the kind of dread usually reserved for cross-country at school. I love the gym, I love exercise and I trust the people at the places I go to. So why do I feel like I’m starting from the very beginning again?

Customer 3 KAL ( Kirklees):

The biggest convenience of classes is the predetermined structure. Going to the gym floor with no guidance can be very daunting. Having a basic structure of your training week will ensure that you can be as productive in the gym as possible. I would suggest every Sunday writing a training overview for the week that will include the individual session focus and contents for each day.

Customer 4 The Gym, Huddersfield :

It’s important to set realistic expectations regarding progress and goals. Expect small gains, but consistency is key. Some find it useful to log their weightlifting progress or their ability to run in metres/miles. It’s important to feel you are making progress and visually seeing this on paper can help.

Customer 5 DW Fitness First Huddersfield ( Now Closed) :

Many Personal Trainers will also sell online programmes you can take with you to the gym with demo videos. These programmes don’t necessarily give you the reactive interaction with a PT to correct any dangerous or ineffective form, so be careful and conscious to research what seems to be a reliable and safe source of information. For this reason, these sorts of programmes are a safer and a more recommended option for those who already might have a certain level of knowledge and awareness of their body, compared to getting a PT, which has lots of advantages if you’re a complete beginner.

Customer 6 HD1 Fitness Clinic, Huddersfield:

It’s completely normal to feel anxious about returning. Especially if you’re not too familiar with a particular environment. The good news is that you can take elements you’ve learned in your previous classes to make a plan for your workout. This can boost your confidence and leave you feeling ready to tackle your workout. For example, if you’re used to circuits you can try and replicate short sets using the equipment available. Or if you’d normally opt for spin classes you can plan out a session on the exercise bikes, changing the resistance over a short session

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