There are several local gyms in Huddersfield and Kirklees. Ranging from commercial gyms such as JD Gyms, The Gym and Trugym to other gyms such as Kirklees Leisure Centre and many other KAL connected gyms around Kirklees. There are plenty of them and there is no reason why there shouldn’t be. If we can get the population of Huddersfield and Kirklees active. We all do our bit towards the country being active it can only be a great thing.

All kinds of everything

Commercial gyms such as JD Gyms and The Gym with several more local gyms in the area, are very much about the numbers. Very competitive price, however from a business perspective they must get the number of members through the door. Ensuring they stay on top of things, therefore it gets extremely busy especially Monday evenings after the weekend. They have several duplicated pieces of equipment to ensure a majority of members are able to use the equipment at the same time. However feedback is customers have to wait or use alternative fitness equipment or come up with other ideas.

Crossfit Gyms and the like – we have the power to get active come join us all

Gyms such as Extreme Conditioning are about functionality and their equipment and style of gym membership is more about group strength and fitness classes, very much a fitness gym. There is always room for more and HD1 Fitness Clinic Ltd have created it’s very own style. Massage therapy on site with TMS Well Being. Rooms to rent. Fitness classes with the majority spin and boot camps. They also work with wellnessAction which is a project working for free with the NHS, working along side GP surgeries to help people with obesity. High blood pressure issues. Type 2 diabetes.

HD1 Fitness Clinic

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