Gentleman trying out the gym to see if he wants to take on gym membership at HD1 Fitness Clinic

Gyms vs Covid 19

Well Covid 19 has completely changed the fitness industry and gyms in Huddersfield and the UK, after almost 2 years of people cooped up at home getting very little exercise. The fitness industry can say despite restricting the spike in gym memberships has matched. The gym has been a no go area during Covid 19. However we appear to be settling into some kind of normal and people are starting to get back into their exercise routine that has fallen by the wayside. All the gyms in Huddersfield are giving feedback including The Gym, JD Sports and KAL are all pretty much saying the same thing, business as usual. ” Gym Memberships are up”. and they are starting to love the gym again.

Gyms in Huddersfield

There are all types of gym memberships across Huddersfield, not many are free. Gyms that have thousands of customers can afford to bring there prices down which makes these gyms extremely popular. Also very busy with difficulty at peak times to get onto the fitness equipment. The closure of Total Fitness has left opportunities for other gyms. Taking on more members and new gyms such as Trugym on Wakefield Road are benefitting. We are living in very rare times and the pandemic has hit people hard.

Training Outside

People have been training outside in the fresh air, simply because gyms were closed during the pandemic and lockdowns and levels were brought in keeping gyms closed. This has been beneficial giving personal trainers the opportunity to continue doing their job and helping clients stay in shape and not adding that extra lockdown weight.

There is still room for gyms such as HD1 Fitness Clinic, with gym memberships that are still affordable, Personal Training, Spin Classes, TMS Well Being and space rental are the real benefits of being a member at HD1 Fitness Clinic. hopefully things will get back to normal very soon.

HD1 Fitness Clinic

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